Wipe your way to clean, fresh skin—no water necessary!

We’re in the throes of a new love affair—with cleansing wipes, that is. In the past, we reserved these disposable time-savers for when occasions that restricted our access to water, but recently they’ve become a daily staple. We ALWAYS wash our face before bed, but when we started to find that traditional cleanser wasn’t cutting it in the makeup removal department, Korres Milk Proteins Wipes for the Face & Eyes came to the rescue.

First and foremost, these wipes are designed to remove makeup and cleanse your skin without the need for an actual face washing. And they do a thorough job at getting skin squeaky clean while giving your face a dose of good-for-your-skin ingredients. The milk proteins that saturate these cloths are rich in amino acids that moisturize and nourish your skin. And thanks to aloe and vitamin B5, you also get a soothing effect that calms redness and irritation. These extra ingredients leave no residue behind after your wipe-down, so you’re free to move on to the treatment stage of your skincare regimen if you wish—no rinsing required. But like we said, we think they’re perfect as a pre-cleansing pass that helps get our mascara (even the waterproof variety!), eyeshadow and foundation on its way, so the actual washing process is a lot easier, neater and more effective. And they prevent those pesky makeup stains on your towels, too…

Treat your tresses to a little luxury