Roots just got a lot less problematic

According to a study performed by Clairol, 75 percent of women color their hair. This also means that 75 percent of us have to contend with roots. Personally, I wish I had the time to pop over to the salon for a touch-up as soon as I acknowledge my visible growth, but unfortunately carving out three or so hours between dropping off, working, meetings and picking up is easier said than done. That’s why root touch-up products are a necessity as opposed to an indulgence, and I’m really excited about the latest from Oribe.

Until now, I’ve used a touch-up powder that comes in an easy-to-use brush dispenser (similar to powder sunscreens) but Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray takes ease to a whole new level. As the name implies, you simply spray this on your part to conceal any color disparity (or grays)—and it also doubles as a dry shampoo. Available in Blonde, Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black, this is definitely on my beauty wish list, but I’m wondering if the blonde is light enough to work on my almost-platinum hair.

If anyone out there has tried it (and happens to be super-blonde), how is it?

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