Roots? What roots?

Before I was platinum, I took a rather laissez faire approach to scheduling my color appointments. The morning I would wake up and not be able to wait any longer was the day I would call to book an appointment. But now that I’m co-dependent on bleach, apparently I need to stick to a four-week schedule—or else my roots will be so far gone that we’ll have to start from scratch. I actually really like how my color looks at the four-week point, but certain occasions (i.e. a new business meeting or school conference) require a bit of root camouflage, and that’s where Joico’s Tint Shot Blonde comes in.

Similar to a tinted dry shampoo—but with a more targeted spray nozzle—this root concealer covers regrowth instantly so you don’t have to freak out until you get to the salon. I spray it on my part, allow it to dry for a few minutes, and then give my hair a little zhush to blend it a bit. I like how the spray delivers a volume boost and a refreshing sensation on my scalp—and the color actually stays put despite the South Florida humidity. And if your hair happens to be on the thin side, it also creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Tint Shot is also available in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black—and it’s not just for roots… It does a fabulous job at covering grays, too!

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