If you don’t want major look-at-me lashes, don’t read this post

I am very strategic about my mascara purchases. Since I really try to stick to the toss-after-6-months rule, it’s just plain wasteful to have too many lying around. (That’s not to say that I won’t rotate between a handful if I happen to receive them for review purposes.) My second-to-last purchase was NARS Audacious Mascara right when it launched, but alas, the months rolled by and I found myself in the market for a new one. In a peculiar twist of fate, Charlotte Tilbury debuted her Legendary Lashes just when I was due for a replacement so I hit “Buy now” without hesitation.

As much as I love makeup, I don’t ever really look “made up.” Sure, I’ll do a smoky eye for a night out or a bold lip when the mood strikes, but “glamazon” makeup is something I try to avoid (hence the three or four dry runs before my wedding). Mascara alone can’t take anyone to that super-done-up place, but multiple coats of Legendary Lashes could—which is why I stick to one swipe on each eye and reserve this mascara for nighttime. A light-handed application delivers just the amount of length and definition I look for without venturing into over-done territory—just keep in mind this is my personal preference.

The downside: Unless you’re running to the bathroom somewhat frequently for whatever reason, I don’t recommend using this mascara on your lower lashes because it has a tendency to wind up on your skin. I learned this the hard way (a few times). I’m not one to look in the mirror that often, but when I did I looked like a hot mess with mascara all over the place.

But with ALL of this said, Charlotte Tilbury knows her stuff, but I think her original Full Fat Lashes (which I’ve purchased multiple times) is more my speed. Only 5 months to go until my next mascara purchase…

Airbrush your roots (and sparse brows) away