Are you damaging your hair without even knowing it?

I bet you think that deep conditioning, Olaplex-ing, and keeping heat styling to a minimum is enough to keep your hair happy and healthy, right? Even if your strands are strong, that towel you’re using to wick away excess moisture after washing may be doing more harm than good. First off, the friction roughs up the hair cuticles, in turn leading to frizz. Then, wrapping that towel too tight puts tension on your hair, which results in breakage. Perhaps you’ve heard that an old t-shirt is a better means of mopping up moisture before styling—but there’s a much chicer (and less strand-stressing) solution: The Dream Dry Turban.

Designed to absorb moisture without friction and cut drying time down, this plush wrap is a must—and not just in your bathroom. You can totally rock it after a dip in the pool or ocean, and you should totally wear it after applying a deep conditioning treatment to help get those moisturizing ingredients into each and every strand (and prevent your mask from making a mess).

I’ve always been more of a headscarf than turban girl, but now my allegiance is torn… Aside from the hair-health benefits you get from this microfiber towel, you’ll feel pretty fabulous wearing it, too.

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