Are you up for the FlyBarre Challenge?

In the weeks leading up to summer, we’re frequent fliers (at FlyWheel, that is) and our self-control when it comes to sneaking bites of our son’s treats is at an all-time high. But by August, we can’t remember the last time we broke a sweat other than walking to and from the car (it’s like a jungle here in South Florida), and carbs are part of our daily diet once again. We look forward to the whole “back to school” thing so we can get everything back on track, which is why the FlyBarre Challenge comes at the perfect time.

In case you haven’t heard of FlyWheel’s body-sculpting sister, FlyBarre, this killer class blends weight training, dance and core-strengthening for a full body workout that reshapes your body by giving you long, lean, strong muscles. The fast-paced, high-energy class works each and every part of your body, and the motivating music keeps you going for 45 minutes. As with FlyWheel, you don’t have to worry about bringing anything to class (other than yourself), since all the props and even water and towels are waiting right there for you.

The next FlyBarre Challenge starts in early September, and this program gets you six weeks of classes (for a total of 24), weekly body measurements so you can track your progress, a nutrition session, plus 30-minute workshops that ensure you’re doing everything just right.

After a month and a half of four classes a week, you’re virtually guaranteed to have a tighter, more toned body—and a FlyBarre addiction. If you live in a major city or metropolitan area, odds are there’s a studio near you. But if not, it seems new locations are opening every week, so keep an eye out! Trust us, after the first few classes you’ll be more than up for this body-transforming challenge, and you probably won’t want it to end. 

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