At-home spa products designed with the real spa in mind

These days, the only way I can give an at-home facial or beauty night a true spa feel is to kick my child and husband out of the house. And this isn’t so easy—or nice. I know I’m not the only one in this boat, which is why I’m actually really appreciative of AfterSpa and its spa-minded line of pampering products and accouterments.

I had the pleasure of testing the Macadamia Coconut Scrub, and I think fate intervened when this landed on my doorstep. Featuring two of my favorite scents, I relished every moment of exfoliating my body—even with the “MOMMY”’s peppering the experience. The fine grit is a welcome change to often-too-harsh salt and sugar scrubs—and the fact that the scent lingered for the rest of the evening was a major bonus.

If you’re a big DIYer, I highly recommend the Head Towel. Not only does it absorb excess moisture after washing (and before styling), wearing a turban makes you feel that much more indulged. Trust me.

AfterSpa also offersa back scrubber, hand soap, honey mint scrub and sleep mask—and they’re all available at your local Ross store. (Yes, Ross.) So go ahead and hunt these products down… You deserve it!

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