Quite possibly the best-smelling body oil ever

Everyone needs at least one good body oil, since it’s the best way to lock in moisture after a shower or bath. I prefer body oil to lotion during the summer because in addition to hydration, it gives bare skin a sexy sheen without a thick or heavy feel. And if this aforementioned body has an incredible smell, I’m totally hooked. This is exactly what happened when I received AfterSpa’s Body Oil in Luxurious Macadamia, and people might think I’m a little crazy because I can’t stop smelling myself.

Made with a super-hydrating blend of macadamia seed, soybean and coconut oils with a hefty helping of antioxidant vitamin E, this simple skincare oil delivers all the moisture your body skin needs. All you have to do is use the dropper to put it exactly where you want it (i.e. arms, legs, shoulders, etc.) massage it in and then TRY to not sniff yourself for the rest of the day. AfterSpa also offers Royal Argan and Elixir Jojoba versions, so hightail it over to your closest Ross store to snag a bottle for yourself. Your skin and your nose will thank you…

Conceal and heal blemishes with this stealth stick