Back to mega-blonde—and really, really happy about it

About five months ago I went platinum and I absolutely lovedit (my family, however, did not). So I reluctantly toned things down a bit, and P.P.D. (post-platinum depression) set in. Slowly but surely I got over it, and I didn’t (really) intend to do it again when I went for a color this past Wednesday. But I did go to my appointment with a goal in mind: Milky blonde, and the below photo of Julianne Hough was my inspiration.

My amazingly talented colorist Alex was super-excited, and fortunately her schedule permitted the arduous process necessary for me to get what I was after. After not one, but two bleach-outs (the first with layers of cotton, the second with foils), toner (a colorist cult favorite called TPB), a clear gloss and an Olaplex treatment (which is a must for anyone who goes blonde as it seriously protects your hair from damage.)

Three-and-a-half hours later, mission accomplished. But I’m not calling it platinum, because the roots (which are on purpose) soften it up. I may go back in a few weeks to make the base color just a tad lighter, but we decided not to do it yesterday because my hair had been through enough.

Then yesterday, I topped off the new color with a haircut. My cropped ‘do is officially grown out (YAY!) but I still need a little more length to achieve the look I’m after. Just a bit of clean-up was all it took, and after four-and-a-half hours total, here’s the end result! What do you think?

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