Beat the heat and keep bug bites at bay

It seems as if summer arrived overnight down here in Florida, which means that I’m now dealing with heat, humidity and swarms of insects on a daily basis. And as much as I love enjoying a glass of wine outside once the house is quiet at the end of the day, I hate mosquitos. We’ve tried everything from citronella candles to those little bracelets (or wrists AND ankles) but I’m sorry to say that nothing works better than good-old bug spray. And fortunately for us (less fortunately for bugs), these products have gotten less stinky and less toxic over time.

Other than cranking up the outdoor fan to high, there hasn’t been much I can do about the heat—until now. Meet Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Insect Repellent with Cooling Aloe. Yes, friends, this stuff will keep you free of itchy bites and decrease the skin’s surface temperature so you don’t break a sweat. Think of it this way… Bust this product out when the sun goes down and you put away the SPF away. The continuous mist contains aloe and vitamin E to hydrate and soothe sun-exposed skin, and the citrusy scent won’t make you gag. But don’t wait until the mosquitos have their first feast of the season (with the entrée being you). Stock up now and they don’t stand a chance!