Seaweed isn’t just for sushi and stepping over at the beach...

thinking about sea-inspired skincare. we all know the ocean is a veritable treasure trove of ingredients that can help our skin and bodies as a whole. Algae, sea minerals, pearl extracts and countless other compounds and enzymes are extracted from the sea and put to use in our personal products, but today I’m all about seaweed—which happens to be the core ingredient of the Repechage range.

Why seaweed? Think about it… That stuff is EVERYWHERE. It’s also super-high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc. There are also many different types of seaweed that have special qualities, which can be tapped into for various skin needs ranging from detoxifying, hydrating, anti-aging and more. Since its launch in 1980 (and well before that), Repechage has been devoted to the science of seaweed—and harnessing its benefits for the skin.

I’ve been using three very different Repechage products for a few weeks now, and although this isn’t my first experience with the brand, I’m glad it’s back in the rotation. My favorite is the Rapidex Marine Exfoliator, basically because I’m a sucker for any regimen that’s designed to be used for a certain number of days straight—and because my skin is most definitely smoother, softer and more even. The regimen includes 14 single-use packets that contain giant Q-Tips that look like they’re on steroids, but they’re infused with a solution of marine ingredients and alpha-hydroxy acids that you swipe on after cleansing and toning each night for two weeks. And that’s all you have to do to see improvement in texture, tone and radiance.

I’ve also used the One-Minute Exfoliating Mask a few times when my skin was acting up. In just 60 seconds, this gritty clay-based mask absorbs excess oil and helps clear up active blemishes. Now I can’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse—ever again.

Since I love a facial mist (and have one in each of my bathrooms), I was THRILLED to receive the Algo Mist. Formulated with moisture-boosting seaweek, vitamin C, gingko biloba, aloe vera and orange water, it refreshes skin in an instant (without disturbing your makeup). P.S. It’s also available in a travel-friendly size, making it a must for air travel.

Frankly, I used to get grossed out when I would step on seaweed at the beach. But after experience the effects it’s had on my skin, I’m seeing it in a whole new light.

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