The latest Aussie import for awesome skin

I bet you didn’t know that some of your favorite beauty brands hail from Down Under… Becca, Jurlique, Aesop, ModelCo and more are all Australian imports (keep an eye out for an Aussie beauty feature I’m working on for Beauty in the Bag)—and a newcomer called Auspect is one to watch.

On a mission to deliver healthy, radiant skin without the use of harsh ingredients, this research-based, results-oriented line tackles skin concerns ranging from aging and acne to redness, discoloration and sensitivity naturally, no matter your skin type. I was introduced to Auspect via the Starter Kit, which features the Total Clean cleanser (a wonderful gel that works great after my oil cleanser and before my micellar water), Vita C serum (a lightweight citrus-scented antioxidant), Exfol + serum (a non-stinging alpha-hydroxy exfoliator) and Hydrate Plus moisturizer. I also received the Hydra Shield SPF 17 and Rednomore Serum as add-ons. I am so pleased with these products for a few reasons. First, the regimen is simple yet comprehensive, and I can adjust it according to my needs as well as the state of my skin at any given time. The sunscreen is usually hydrating enough of its own to let me skip the moisturizer in the morning, and the Rednomore Serum is perfect on those days my skin is more red than usual (though I still haven’t been able to figure out why this happens on some days and not others).

The line itself is small, yet it manages to cover all of the skincare bases, including eye cream and targeted anti-agers that harness the power of stem cells and antioxidant resveratrol. I also like how the packaging delivers “metered doses,” so you know you’re using the right amount without wasting product or short-changing your skin.

Ideal for both the “Sheilas” and the “Blokes,” check out Auspect for a piece of Australia without the long-haul flight.

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