My love for M.A.C. has been reignited

In my case of beauty addiction, M.A.C. was the gateway drug. I’ll never forget the day my mom took me to Henri Bendel to get me all set up with my first “real” makeup (including the “Spice” lip pencil, natch)—and let’s just say that changed everything. My cosmetic cosmos have expanded exponentially in the years since, and I’ll admit that my makeup drawer isn’t as M.A.C.-heavy as it used to be, but I did head over to the mall to check out the Tendertalk Lip Balm when I first heard about it.

I suppose I’m a sucker for a balm-based lippie, and when I saw that this one serves up moisture and a sheer wash of personalized pH-based color I was sold. I was initially interested in the bright “Teddy Pink,” but the artist who helped me out told me the much lighter “Candy Wrapped” was the way to go (so I did). When first applied, it leaves only a slight tint, but the color changes the longer I wear it. After an hour or so it’s more of a stain that looks like my natural lip color, but better since the hydrating ingredients leave a touch of shine.

Perfect for days when I need more than clear lip balm and less than a full-on lip, this has become a staple in my summer beauty routine, and now I’m just hoping it’s not limited edition…

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