You don’t need long locks to get beachy hair

I have short hair, which obviously makes it hard to experiment with certain looks like braids, buns and beachy waves—but that never stopped me from trying any sea/salt/wave spray I could get my hands on. Some leave my hair sticky, some leave it greasy, and to date, the only one that’s delivered the messy, piecey texture I strive for is Sasha Juan’s Ocean Mist. Happy with having this as my air-dry go-to, I took a break from the spray search, and it actually took me about a month to try Ouai’s Wave Spray after I received it. What a mistake that was.


As a general rule, I don’t blow-dry my hair during the summer. The heat and humidity basically make it a monumental waste of my time. Alterna’s BB and CC products have done a great job of holding my hair back and off my face (and I’m really enjoying doing the slicked-back thing), but I’m glad I tried the Ouai after staring at it so long. I sprayed a bit on wet hair, used my fingers to rake it through and back, and then used a bit of hairspray to hold it in place (and prevent frizz) as my hair dried. A few hours later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Though short, I had waves! The texture was slightly tousled but not at all greasy or stiff. In a nutshell, this product made me look like I had spent the day at the beach without leaving my house (although I would have much rather had my feet in the sand for a few hours).But as far as hair goals go, this one is officially accomplished.

My love for M.A.C. has been reignited