Say bye-bye to split ends without a scissor

No matter the length of your hair, split ends are a fact of life—and we have heat styling, sun exposure and drying hair products to thank for them. The only true cure for split ends is to cut them off, but I’m fully aware that this isn’t an option for everyone. Good thing I got a haircut yesterday, because my stylist L.A. at Boca Raton’s Peter Coppola Salon told me about Alterna’s Caviar Repair Split Ends Mend, which actually “glues” those frayed ends together and smoothes the appearance of dry, damaged hair.

This one bottle actually contains two serums that are kept separate until the moment you apply it. One seals the hair cuticle to help stave off future damage, while the other smoothes rough, uneven texture that makes hair look dull. The secret is strand-building proteins that fill in the microscopic gaps and tears in each individual strand to make your hair look healthier, and give hair the strength to resist breakage.

IBB Tip: The directions say this product can be applied to damp hair before styling or dry hair to smooth your strands after styling. But L.A. has found that it can leave hair feeling a bit sticky when used after styling. She advises using it as a pre-styling product, which also works to protect hair from the damage caused by heat styling.

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