This oil gives new meaning to hair restoration

When heat styling and chemical processes like coloring and keratin treatments leave your strands feeling fried, hair oils are where it’s at. High in moisture and hair-rebuilding compounds, they instantly impart softness and shine, as if you never abused your tresses in the first place. Used before styling for extra protection or afterwards to tame flyaways, frizz and split ends, think of hair oils as your coif’s best friends.

Last week I gave Aveda’s Dry Remedy as whirl, and this 99.9% natural buriti oil-based oil is a godsend. Before you even apply it, you’ll notice Aveda’s signature spa-like scent, and after you use it you’ll never want to stop. Just a few drops (really) are all you need for major hair repair, so this bottle will last you quite some time.

A few words to the wise… When they say a few drops, they mean a few drops. I have short hair, and I definitely used too much the first time (which meant I was wearing a hat to hide the oil slick caused by my heavy-handed application). To avoid this, I also recommend only using it on the lengths of your hair, because let’s face it, that’s the part that needs extra TLC anyway.

All in all, this is a wonderful rejuvenating treatment that whips your hair back to a healthy state, and who doesn’t want that?

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