Softer, smoother, shinier hair in an instant

We all need a little extra help in the hair-smoothing department from time to time. For me, these times usually occur during the summer when the humidity is out of control—and when I’m too lazy to do my usual hair styling routine of blowing and flat ironing. Yes, it may come as a shock that I don’t have a product in my arsenal that can get this job done, and I’ve been on the hunt for something that instantly tames my tresses. And alas, I found Revlon Professional’s Uniq Coconut One All in One Hair Treatment when I got a sample with my last Gilt order, and it’s bound to be a staple in my hair product drawer from now on.

I can’t say enough good things about this product—but my absolute favorite part is the smell. If you like the scent of coconut, you will LIVE for this. In terms of its amazing hair-smoothing capability, I spray 3 or 4 pumps of this foam-like product into my palm, rub it between my hands and rake it through all of my hair. Then voila, my hair is instantly smoother, softer and shinier. Even more, you can use this versatile product before styling for heat and UV protection, frizz prevention, detangling, volumizing and even to help your blowout last longer.

No joke, if you want to make your hair more manageable—and have it look better!—this product is for you!

Attention, ladies… There’s a fabulous new beauty box in town!

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