Take your brush cleaning to another level

I’ve always done just fine washing my brushes with my bare hands. A little cleanser, a little swirling on my palm and a thorough rinsing totally gets the job done. But wouldn’t you know, Sigma Beauty has found a way to improve the efficiency of this essential task… And it’s called the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.

Covered with a variety of textures, this rubber glove has larger “nubs” on one side for facial brushes and smaller nooks and crannies on the other for eye brushes—and these unique surfaces work to get even more grime out with less effort. The gloves even tell you where to rub for cleaning and rinsing (and the type of brush that side should be used for). Pretty genius, eh?

I thought this was enough in the innovation department, but then I saw the 2X Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. For 4 extra bucks you get additional textures and two thumbs so you can use both sides of the glove with the same hand. (Without the extra digit, it can be a bit awkward to wash your brushes when the glove is on your dominant hand.)

Be sure to poke around the site when you’re there… As the go-to source for professionals, you won’t believe all the amazing makeup, brushes and tools that you never knew you needed!

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