With these products, every day is Sunday Funday for your skin!

Although I said I had no remorse about spending $43 on an eyeshadow, I will say that the sh*tload of samples I came home with made the purchase a lot less painful. (Space.NK is really good like that.) Among the plethora of foil packets were a few from Sunday Riley, and since I’ve heard such great things about this high-tech yet botanically based brand, I was pretty excited to try them.

Up first was the Skin Adrenaline, and how could it not be with a name like that. This anti-aging concentrate smelled great and left my skin absolutely radiant—and hydrated enough that I was able to skip another moisturizer (it is, in fact, Sunday’s moisturizer for normal to oily skin). Packed with ingredients that wake up sleepy collagen-producing fibroblasts and protective antioxidants, had I received a full-size bottle I would totally be using this everyday.

As much as I wanted to keep my Adrenaline-induced fresh complexion uncovered, sunscreen is a must. Luckily I had the Cashmere SPF 30+ Advanced Sun Defense.  All I can say is that this sunscreen is a dream, and I was so smitten I applied it twice. The rich, almost fluffy texture glides on like the most luxurious cream ever, and offers a high level of chemical-free sun protection without even the slightest hint of white residue. It also reinforces the skin with keratin derived from cashmere protein (how fancy is that?) as it shields skin from UV damage, making this an all-day skincare treatment. I am seriously thinking about dropping the $125 to make this mine.

After trying just these two products, I wish every day was a Sunday! (Not that I had a thing against Sundays before.)

Say bye-bye to split ends without a scissor