You don’t need to be a cosmetic chemist to customize your skincare products

I’ve had a lot of products made just for me over my career… Most rely on quizzes to assess my skin’s needs, while one in particular actually used a DNA sample from a cheek swab. But let’s be honest… Most of us what we want to improve about our skin, and it doesn’t require a questionnaire, and it doesn’t take a PhD to know if our skin is dry, dull, irritated or starting to get wrinkly. That’s why Cover FX’s new Custom Infusion Drops are possibly the easiest way to get bespoke beauty products.

Available in formulas for Calming, Hydration, Radiance and Anti-Aging, these vitamin-packed concentrates add the aforementioned benefits to just about any product you’re already using. Just a few drops can transform your sunscreen into a glow-getter, your tinted moisturizer into an all-day hydrator, or your facial oil into a wrinkle-smoothing powerhouse. Any liquid or cream is fair game.

These boosters are formulated with mega-antioxidants (such as vitamins A, C, E and F) plus good-for-your-skin naturally derived ingredients like chamomile, neroli oil, lemongrass and jasmine. Just think… You’re only a few drops away from taking your existing routine to a whole new level.

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