How to feel the island vibe all the time

I could really use nothing more than a tropical vacation, where all I have to do for a few days is make sure my frosty beverage is cold and more than half full. But, alas, there are no island breezes or authentic jerk chicken (my favorite) in my foreseeable future—but I can get my Jamaica fix anytime I need it thanks to Isola.

Truth be told (and full disclosure), I’d be into these products even if my friend Kate didn’t start out making them in her kitchen. These recipes were created in Jamaica before they were brought to our shores, and the small-batch formulas are far superior compared to their mass-produced counterparts.


Case in point: The body scrubs. Using coffee grounds as a cellulite-smoothing exfoliator has been a “thing” of late, but Isola has been using this ingredient from the start. Whether you’re more of a sweet vanilla or a zesty lemongrass person, these exfoliators don’t disappoint.


And don’t get me started on the body oils… Featuring a coconut and sweet almond oil base—and then scented with lavender and vanilla, rose and vanilla, tobacco and musk or citrus and chamomile—they instantly hydrate and leave your skin with the subtle sheen you need to leave the house in shorts or a dress.


Obviously there’s more to life than our skin (or is there?), and Isola’s candles help us surround ourselves with soothing island-inspired scents. From apple and baby powder to grapefruit, “Island Spa” (hello!) and beyond, these uplifting luminaries infuse your space with good-smelling vibes.

You may have already seen Isola (and their amazing monogrammed bags) on Good Morning America, but get ready to see a whole lot more. With a slew of awesome new products in the works, this isn’t the last time I’ll be talking about them—and I’m sure you’ll be as excited about them as I am!

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