Clarins’ latest moisturizers have your skin covered around the clock

Are you busy? Are you stressed? Are you sick of me asking you questions? If so, the newest moisturizers from Clarins were created with you in mind. See, this is part of a new trend in skincare… Rather than formulating products geared toward specific skin changes and concerns (i.e. wrinkles, loss of radiance, etc.), we’re seeing more and more products designed for specific ages and lifestyles. Clarins’ new day and night creams fit into this category, and their primary goal is fighting the side effects of stress caused by environmental exposure, lack of sleep and your hectic life as a whole.

By day, the Multi-Activ Jour works to smooth those first lines and wrinkles while rebooting radiance. Available in formulas for all skin types (with and without SPF), normal to dry, and normal to combination, this antioxidant-rich cream has been a lifesaver, especially since the weather has been chillier than usual for the past few weeks. It provides my skin with a mega-dose of moisture, yet it absorbs super-fast so I don’t have to wait to put on makeup. And the instant skin-smoothing and healthy glow are pretty great, too.

At night, I’ve been alternating between Multi-Active Nuit and Clarins’ Lotus Face Treatment Oil (which I keep going back to over and over again). Between these two products, I feel like my skin is getting a little help recovering from the daily damage that inevitably happens when the South Florida weather is so gorgeous that it practically drags you outside. The Multi-Active Night is very moisturizing (which is why I don’t use both together) but it does absorb quickly so I’m not left with a big old mess on my pillowcase. And come morning, my skin is smooth, soft and prepared to face the day.

While I do tend to use products from a wide array of skincare brands, I really like how these Clarins creams work together to protect and perfect my skin day and night. This 24-hour care has definitely made a difference in the look and feel of my skin—and with an INSANELY busy week ahead, I hope it will counteract they will counteract the late nights, early mornings and overall stress involved with getting everything done!

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