This “capsule collection” has your skin covered day and night

Repeat after me… Antioxidants in the morning, retinol at night. This should be your anti-aging mantra, and if it’s not, your skin probably isn’t looking as good as it could. Sure, there are plenty of offerings to choose from in both of these categories, but I usually prefer to use products that are designed to work together, in turn enhancing overall results. The latest age-fighting dynamic duo to come across my desk is CerumWorx’s Day and Night Serums, and I am thoroughly enjoying them (and so is my skin).

Before I get into the ingredients, I have to point out the fact that these serums comes in single-use capsules, which offers a host of benefits. First, you know you’re using the correct amount (and not wasting product). Second, you’re guaranteed freshness and efficacy since the serum is sealed in an air-tight bubble until you’re ready to apply it. Lastly, these save a ton of space when traveling since you only have to pack enough capsules for the duration of your trip.

OK, so the Day Serum is comprised of 10% vitamin C, biopeptides and phytonutrients that work together to neutralize free radicals, improve the appearance of sun damage, diminish fine lines and boost skin firmness. The serum itself glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly—and there’s absolutely no residue to cause pilling when you apply moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup afterwards.

The Night Serum is packed with retinol and antioxidant resveratrol (which is the subject of a lot of skincare buzz these days). The retinol rejuvenates the skin by promoting the skin’s natural exfoliation process and production of collagen, while the resveratrol helps neutralize environmental damage that accumulates over the course of the day. These capsules also contain ingredients that strengthen the skin’s barrier, in turn helping moisture stay put.

These products also have some impressive clinical results when used in conjunction with CerumWorx’s Hydro-Exfoliating Mask… After 14 days of use, study subjects saw a 31% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, 28% improvement in skin texture and a 61% reduction in melanin (pigment) concentration—and not many product companies can boast that.

So if you’re looking for an anti-aging routine that’s easy to use and effective, give this one a gander…

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