The next anti-aging frontier: My chest.

I’ll do just about anything to thwart the appearance of wrinkles on my face, and despite slathering my extra product my neck, chest and the backs of my hands, I haven’t really thought about stepping up my beyond-the-face efforts—until recently. Occasionally I’ll wake up with some pretty major vertical creases on my chest, which I attribute to the rare night of sleeping (on my side) for more than 6 hours. And when these wrinkles happen, they take HOURS to smooth out. I never knew there was a way to prevent these lines (other than strapping myself into bed on my back), but then SiO Beauty happened…

I was a bit intimidated (or in denial) when this 3-step system first arrived, but once I actually did it, I wondered why I waited so long. Consisting of Decollete Cleansing Discs, the SiO SkinPad and Decollete Serum, this anti-aging check treatment is way easy—and way effective. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Prep your chest for the SkinPad with a Cleansing Disc, which ensures the area is free of dirt, makeup or product that can prevent the SkinPad from sticking. (As an added bonus, it contains alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate.)

Step 2: Position the pad between your boobies so it covers the area between your collarbone and cleavage. (See below.) It feels a bit odd at first, but it actually creates a “microclimate” on your skin that encourages skin hydration and collagen production. (You get 2 pads in a package, and each one can be used about 15 times.)

Step 3: Remove the reusable pad and re-stick it to the sheet of plastic it came on. Apply the Decollete Serum for an extra dose of hydrating, brightening, antioxidant and wrinkle-prevention ingredients. (Though not part of the SiO protocol, I recommend applying sunscreen to prevent further skin damage and protect your results.)

I was so eager to see what was going on beneath the pad in the morning (and document the results) that I woke up extra early so I’d have time to examine the area before my son started hounding me for breakfast. Upon removing the pad, I was astonished. (See below—pardon the super-amateur photography.) My skin looked plump, fresh, and almost like it had just gotten a facial—and I got to thinking that SiO Beauty needs to make a version for the face.

I’ll admit I haven’t committed to using the treatment every night, but just two or three nights a week has made a difference. I haven’t woken up with chest wrinkles since I started and I’ve noticed that my skin’s tone is more even and the texture is smoother as well. As the big 4-0 approaches and I start to need more help fighting signs of time beyond my face, you can bet SiO Beauty will be part of my anti-aging arsenal.

This “capsule collection” has your skin covered day and night