Do something about cellulite for summer

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, I have my sights set on my upcoming trip to Jamaica in three weeks. I’ve already started to think about what I’m going to pack and my pending lineup of bathing suits, dresses and rompers has made one thing abundantly clear: I’ll be showing a lot of leg. And when showing a lot of leg, I do not want to be showing a lot of cellulite. I’ve decided to dedicate the next few weeks to smoothing these lumps and bumps, and Soap & Glory’s Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D Targeted Skin Firming and Smoothing Lower Body Serum is just the product to do it.

I love this cellulite-busting powerhouse because you can really feel it working within just a few minutes of applying. It contains firming pinkpepper berry oil and slow-release caffeine that helps flush out the extra fluid that gives skin a lumpy look; skin-smoothing glycerin along with sweet orange peel, sweet almond and olive oils; and a potent blend of peptides that send extra puff packing. As if that weren’t enough, the stimulating massage roller jumpstarts the smoothing of those nooks and crannies before high-tech microspheres release the active ingredients as you sit.

Don’t be surprised by the icy-hot sensation you feel (especially if you slim on tight pants)—that means it’s working! And if you think committing to twice-daily applications is too difficult, consider this: Soap & Glory’s own clinical study showed that using it morning and night for 28 days visibly improves the appearance of the hips, waist and thighs.  I may be cutting it close, but I should be in better shape (literally) by the time I hit my beach chair!