A low-tech cellulite solution

When it comes to stubborn cellulite, it seems products and treatments just keep getting more complicated and high tech. Between ingredient complexes I can’t pronounce, specialized applicators that look like they’re right out of Star Trek and devices that look like they were designed for torturing criminals, I’ve just about had enough. And that’s basically why I was so intrigued when I first came across CelluBlue.

At first glance, I thought the CelluBlue was a diaphragm (not that I’ve ever had one)—and I couldn’t imagine this little silicone cup being able to do a darn thing for my cellulite. The CelluBlue basically uses suction to stimulate circulation and help break up the lumps and bumps (technically called palpate-roll massage) after three to four weeks of daily use. While the concept is good, the actual act of using the CelluBlue was, well, interesting.

First you slather yourself in body oil. Then you squeeze the CellBlue and place it on the area you want to treat. Then you move the CelluBlue up and down and side to side on the back of your thigh for a few minutes. (CelluBlue provides more specific instructions.) Although this was easy enough, it hurts like hell. I seriously thought I was going to wake up with totally black-and-blue legs, which would be way worse than a few cellulite bumps (I think).  As much as I don’t want to try it again, I will give it one more shot with less suction to see if that makes it more bearable.

You can use CelluBlue pretty much anywhere you have extra fat, and although the actual process is easy, as with other cellulite products and treatments, the hardest part is committing to three to four weeks of regular use.

So dish… How do you deal with cellulite, or do you just accept it?

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