A flat iron designed to deliver more volume and shine with less damage

Personally, I have no problem with stick-straight, volume-less, Gwyneth-like hair, and I’ve spent my fair share of time (and doing my fair share of damage) trying to get it. Now that my hair actually has a little length again—I’m thisclose to needing a clip when I shower, YAY!—I’ve been hitting the flat iron more, and despite the fact that I only style my hair twice a week, I’m still concerned about breakage.

We all (pretty much) know that flat irons run the gamut from ceramic to tourmaline plates, with other heat-conducting materials in between, but the Ferrum Professional Styler by Ladies & Gents is different. Instead of two hard plates that essentially smush your hair straight, the Ferrum iron has one ceramic plate and one fabric (yes, fabric!) plate that serves a few good-for-your-hair purposes.

1.     The cush factor of the fabric plate preserves hair volume, so it comes out bouncy instead of totally flat.

2.     The fabric allows the hair to “breathe” (according to the company), which prevents totally drying out the hair cuticle.

3.     The tourmaline-coated ceramic plate adds major shine as it helps lock in moisture.

Similar to other irons, this one heats up to 450 degrees in a flash, and it features curved edges and a cylindrical shape that allow you to create waves, curls and flips (if you so desire).

Full disclosure: I have not tried this iron yet, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has!

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