It’s time to cut the cord on your flat iron

Beyond the struggle to keep cords neat and tidy, they can also get in the way when primping. Between tripping over wires and getting myself tangled, a styling tool may be the ultimate cause of my own demise. But to be honest, I’m feeling a little safer now that CHI’s Escape Cordless Hair Styling Iron is an option.

But your power-outlet freedom isn’t the only upside. This flat iron also features color-coded temperate controls so you know the exact temperature you need for your hair texture (i.e. fine, medium or coarse). Even more, the compact size lets you take this tool with you (so long as you remember to charge it—and if you don’t, you get a car charger, too!).

I have a suspicion that I may be a little too excited over this one, but who couldn’t use a little more freedom—and less getting tangled up in wires?

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