Want a tighter tummy? There's a wrap for that.

As the saying goes, “You live and you learn,” right? Well, one of the biggest beauty lessons we’ve ever learned is that gaining 65+ pounds when pregnant doesn’t do your body any favors. Five years later, we weigh 85 pounds less than the day we gave birth, and let’s just say we traded tight tummy skin for an incredible little boy (so in retrospect it was a small price to pay). But with that said, wearing a bikini can be an anxiety-inducing experience so we couldn’t wait to try the It Works! Wrap (aka The Ultimate Body Applicator).

Like a do-it-yourself spa treatment (with decidedly more dramatic results), this cloth-based wrap is infused with botanical ingredients that work to tighten and firm skin, smooth cellulite and improve skin texture anywhere on the body (including arms, thighs, belly, back, you name it). When we tried it a few nights ago we were confused at first, but once we unfolded the sheet and placed it on our tummy (the one sheet covered our front and sides) we felt it go to work instantly. As suggested, we put on a tube top to help hold it in place for 45 minutes, and then all we had to do was sit there and enjoy the tingle—which felt pretty similar to Icy Hot. When our phone timer went off, we peeled off the paper and noticed most of the gel had been absorbed, so we rubbed in whatever was left.

Although you’re supposed to use these wraps every 72 hours for optimal results, we saw improvement after just one use. Our skin was firmer, plumper, less crepey—and dare we say, bikini ready. We have three more wraps left, and you better believe we’ll be saving them for the morning before we head out to the beach, because it really made that much of a difference. And heck, it’s a lot easier, cheaper and less painful than a tummy tuck!