Do your pores need a purge?

I’m not really one to sit in front of a magnifying mirror and inspect my pores a la Charlotte York. I realized that maybe I should when my eyes wandered south during a little between-waxing eyebrow maintenance last week. The blackheads on my nose were out of control, and I’ll admit I had a minor freak out. Then I remembered I had a sample of Murad’s Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo, and my anxiety subsided.

This 2-step treatment was amazing, and I noticed major improvement after that one use. First up is the Blackhead Remover, which is a mask and exfoliator in one. Packed with volcanic mineral clay to draw out impurities, you slather it on problem spots and allow it to dry. Then, you add warm water and massage, which turns the mask into an incredibly effective scrub that contains a complex that actually helps prevent blackheads from returning. To ensure your pore-purging efforts don’t go to waste, the Pore Refining Sealer is applied immediately afterwards to tighten up your newly squeaky-clean pores and help your results last and last. A second application 12 hours later really seals the deal (no pun intended), making this dynamic duo a must for anyone who wants to kick blackheads to the curb for good.

The only lip product you need this winter