Eco-friendly, wallet-friendly body products

Today’s confession: I’m not all that hung up on making sure my skincare products are natural or organic—but when they are (and they actually get the job done) that’s a good thing. Second confession: I’m not looking to spend a ton of money on body lotion. My usual go-to is Nivea because I love the scent and makes my scaly legs soft and smooth, and I can only imagine how many “questionable” ingredients and chemicals it contains, but I digress… So I got a big old package a few months back, and among the beauty booty were a few products from Organic Doctor, so here’s the scoop…

Available exclusively at Vitamin World stores nationwide (which explains why I didn’t know about it), Organic Doctor is committed to creating products with the highest quality ingredients while being a minimum of 70% organic. You’d think that would come along with a hefty price tag, but no, that’s not the case here.

I’ve done my fair share of browsing at Whole Foods, and at $11.49, the Organic Virgin Olive Oil Skin Lotion is a steal. I really enjoyed the fresh scent, and I love that it absorbs fast and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. It also doesn’t hurt that the ingredient list could double as a grocery list for the Saturday green market—so my skin is getting all of those antioxidants and good stuff, too.

I also received the Organic Dead Sea Mineral Body Souffle, and the highlight of this product is the flip-top container. (You know how hard it is to screw on a top when hands are greasy.) Without a doubt, this rich cream hydrates dry skin, but I personally didn’t love the scent. But with that said, it’s sitting on my night table as I type this, since I’ve been slathering on my feet every night at bedtime since it arrived.

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