Yes, you do need perfume for your hair

We all know that keeping washing a styling to a minimum helps preserve our hair’s health as well as its salon-provided color, but there’s definitely one downside: Go one day too long and you find yourself in a stinky situation. Sure, dry shampoo helps absorb oil and give your tresses sexy texture, but sometimes it’s not strong enough to mask that dirty-hair scent. I have short hair that just barely reaches my nose, so when I get a whiff, I know it’s time to wash. But, what if I just don’t have time that morning, or I need to wait another day because of a meeting or event later in the week (it’s all about the timing)? Hair-friendly fragrance is the way to go and here are a few of my faves…

Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher: Oribe can do no wrong in my book, and this scent-for-your-strands is no exception. I still can’t put my finger on the notes in the line’s signature fragrance, but I do know that it just screams luxury.

J.F. Lazartigue Hair Fragrance: I really like this one because you can use it wet or dry, for delicately scented strands even when your hair is clean. It’s available in “Tea” and “Bancoulier” scents and it also provides a bit of hold.

Angel Hair Mist: Yes, I’m one of those ladies who loves Angel. However, I’ve found the perfume can be way too cloying, especially on a humid South Florida day. This version for the hair is much lighter, and it doesn’t enter the room before you do, or stick around for five minutes after you leave.

P.S.  I do not advocate using regular perfume or your hair, mainly because most fragrances are alcohol-based, and this can dry out your strands. Scents made specifically for the hair usually contain protective and conditioning ingredients that boost shine as they neutralize odor.

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