The color of the year—for your hair

Any beauty maven worth her salt knows that Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Though I’m not really that much of a purple person, I’ve found a few ways to work this hot hue into my wardrobe (mainly noncommittal scarves and inexpensive flats), but my beauty routine, not so much. (Sorry, girls, I either go neutral or way out there, but not much in between.) However, you can get in on this trend without actually transforming your look thanks to J.F. Lazartigue’s Ultra Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo.

Recommended for dull hair that doesn’t rely on coloring treatments, this shampoo is gentle enough for daily use. It works by counteracting the impurities and lime scale in your water that prevent your hair’s natural shine from coming through, and depositing natural oils that smooth your strands and help your hair reflect light. Beyond the silky softness, it leaves a lovely orchid scent behind for an all-day experience that looks and smells amazing. If $25 seems like a lot, let me put it to you this way… One bottle lasts for months, and can you really put a price on healthy, shiny, sweet-scented locks?

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