Are you washing your hair incorrectly?

When was the last time you thought about your shower routine? I know I’m pretty much on autopilot from the moment I strip down, which is why I stopped to consider these tips from dermatologist Rebecca Kazin, MD, FAAD.  

Taking the wrong approach in the shower can have an impact on your hair’s texture, body and luster, and Dr. Kazin says the most common mistakes are washing too much, improper product application and too-hot water temperature. To ensure a good hair day, be sure to follow these pointers…

1. Rinse hair with warm water before shampooing. This helps open the cuticles and release excess product and debris—and will also help sulfate-free shampoos get foamier. 

2. Your scalp needs the most cleansing, so focus shampoo on your roots to target oil. This is especially important if you use a medicated shampoo to treat dandruff. 

3. When conditioning, concentrate on the ends of the hair since this is where most of us have issues with dryness and damage.

4. A second shampoo is rarely necessary, and will strip your hair of the natural oils that help make it soft and shiny.

5. Finish your shower with a cool rinse to seal the cuticle and increase shine.

So tell us… Have you been washing your hair wrong?

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