Targeted hair care with a conscience

When was the last time your shampoo and conditioner went above and beyond the call of duty? Sure, squeaky-clean, soft and shiny tresses are enough for most of us, but what if your products (A) formulated for your specific hair type, whether straight or curly, and (B) benefitted women entrepreneurs in Uganda? Well, that’s what you get with CoCo Conscious Collective.

Let me just say that I’m not usually impressed by natural shampoos and conditioners, but these products were an exception. (Had I done a blind test, I probably wouldn’t have even known.) Obviously I tried the Straight Transformations Purifying Gentle Cleanser, and it did a great job of washing away 3 days worth of dry shampoo with ease. I was concerned that the Conditioning Shine Rinse wasn’t going to be hydrating enough for my over-stressed strands, but again, I was wrong. My hair was smooth and soft to the touch after rinsing, so I didn’t even have to use the Smoothing Deep Treatment (but I will the next time I wash).

These products have a fresh scent and despite the smooth result I was not a greasy mess within a day or two. The packaging is also a step above the other shampoos and conditioners in my shower thanks to the wooden tops that remind me that I’m not rinsing any nasty chemicals down the drain when I use them. But perhaps the best part of CoCo Conscious Collective is that this brand shows us that a task as mundane as washing our hair can help preserve the planet AND support a community on the other side of the globe. Are you in?

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