IBB Test Drive: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Sometimes I don’t understand so-called “groundbreaking beauty innovations.” I’m definitely on the experimental side when it comes to products, but similar to how razor companies continue to raise the bar with 5, 6 and potentially 10 blades—just how much better could floss get?

You’ve probably seen the new Wet Skin Moisturizer from Jergens… I was REALLY skeptical about this one because frankly, moisturizing after I get out of the shower was never a huge time suck for me, and I’d never blame running late on this relatively fast task. But in the name of research, I picked up a bottle—and here’s how it went.

If I’ve been able to hang out in the shower for three extra minutes with St. Tropez’s In Shower Gradual Tan, I figured why not take one or two more to moisturize. Before I actually tried it, I imagined slathering this lotion on and getting out of the shower all slippery and slimy, but that wasn’t the case at all. See, you only use a dime-sized amount for each arm and a quarter-sized amount for each leg, so you’re hardly slathering on a lot of product. Then you pat dry and you’re on your way.

While my skin felt moisturized, it wasn’t CRAZY hydrated and I’d definitely need to apply another lotion or oil if I was heading out with bare legs. But I will say that this product has definitely reduced the number of days I actually skip moisturizing after the shower. (Please note, I moisturize every night before I get into bed.)

All and all, I give this product a C+. It serves a purpose but it certainly isn’t a groundbreaking innovation I couldn’t live without. Have you tried it?

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