This new line will change how you take care of your hair

Wash, condition, style… That pretty much sums up your hair routine, right? Thanks to the advent of sulfate-free products, cleansing conditioners and dry shampoos, we all know that sudsing up with shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils, which is why we need conditioner to put some back. And we can all admit that styling involves some level of coaxing our strands to do something they don’t want to naturally do—which stresses them to the breaking point (literally). But the launch of Hairstory is poised to change all of this.

First off, Hairstory is more than a product line, it’s a hair artist collective. Founded by the original brains behind Bumble and bumble, the site features magazine-esque editorial and lots and lots of great hair. What won’t you find? Retouching, hair extensions or any other unrealistic hair ideals/goals. But back to the products…

Rather than offering different shampoos for different hair types, there’s one option and one option only: New Wash. This detergent-free cleanser is infused with essential oils, and while it gets the job done, you’ll have to retrain yourself to use it properly. It’s all about massaging it into the hair and scalp to break out dirt and product residue—and rinsing. A lot. But this extra rinsing is well worth it, because you won’t need to use conditioner. Ever again.

New Wash is the cornerstone of the Hairstory approach, but it has some styling-product friends to hang out with. But these aren’t like the aggressive, pushy styling products you’re currently use… They encourage your hair to do what it wants rather than force it to be something it’s not.

Dressed Up is a lotion that adds volume and texture; Hair Balm helps hydrate dry, colored or bleached hair; and Undressed somehow manages to deliver that slept-in, effortless wave everyone seems to be after these days. And that’s it.

I’m a bit excited and a bit apprehensive about this new approach… Do you think great hair could be this easy?

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