Fancy cotton pads... Do or don’t?

I’m all for shelling out cash for a pricey product that’s worth every penny, whether that be $70 for a concealer or $80 for an eyeshadow palette. But at the same time, I also know that a $6 cleanser from the drugstore can be just as effective as its $40 counterpart from a department store. With this said, there’s a grey area in the beauty world when it comes to essentials lip balms, hand creams, and these purchasing decisions basically come down to form, not function. Case in point: Cotton pads. The ones I buy from CVS certainly get the job done, but it might be nice to start the day with a fancier version—and here are a few options.

Chanel Le Coton: Beyond the Chanel logo, these lint-free pads feature three layers and a lightly elasticized core to make them super-plush (and super-posh). Price: $20 for 100

Cle de Peau Cotton: If you’re using a $70 concealer, it only makes sense to use silk-wrapped cotton pads, right? (Or does it?) Price: $24 for 120

Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton: These thick medical-grade virgin (i.e. untreated) cotton pads are made with multiple layers that can be pulled apart for multiple cleansing or toning passes, or to create your own sheet mask with your serum of choice. Price: $12 for 60

Shiseido Facial Cotton: Extremely soft and absorbent, these too can be peeled apart to give you even more bang for your buck. Price: $9.50 for 165

So, what say you? Are fancy cotton pads a do or a don’t?