Forget the salon and get ombre hair at home

As far as hair trends go, it doesn’t look like ombre is going anywhere. Though I’ve never tried it personally (unless waiting two weeks too long for a root touchup counts), I’ve seen the process in action. It involves teasing and applying color strategically to get that low-maintenance my hair is naturally highlighted by the sun result. Up until now, the salon has been the only place to go for this service, but the Blond Brilliance Ammonia Free Ombre Kit has changed that…

Packed with everything you need to achieve the darker-at-the-root-lighter-at-the-ends look, you get a special brush and a color formula that contains nourishing cocoa seed uitter, mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, papaya and acai extracts—plus super-detailed directions that make the process fail-proof. And the best part (wait for it)… This kit costs a mere $11.99 and you’d spend more than that on a tip alone at the salon!

Would you take your hair color into your own hands?