Fragrances created for your unique personality

I’ve always had a thing for mythology and philosophy, and I first learned about archetypes in high school. (For those of you who didn’t, these are basically collective patterns of behavior that have been seen over and over from ancient to modern literature, as well as in plays, movies and beyond.) In the arts, a few examples of archetypes include the mother figure, the hero, the mentor an the innocent youth. Now if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with beauty, keep reading because a new brand called Archetypes uses your personality traits to help you find the perfect fragrance.

To get started, you take the brief quiz, which includes questions about things and activities you can’t live without, what your friends turn to you for, what people admire about you, what you can’t stop doing and things you’ve done in the past year. According to the quiz, I am 50% Tastemaker, 29% Caregiver and 21% Royal—which sounds about right to me.

Then I took a closer look at the scents, and here’s what I got:

Tastemaker: This unexpected scent opens with warm spices and cedarwood followed by white florals and a clean, classic finish. This sounds exactly like the kind of scent I would choose. 

Caregiver: Rare florals and pink peppercorns shift to a blend of florals, citrus and woodsy notes. I’m into it.

Royal: Top notes of green accords, citrus and white florals dry down to jasmine, ylang ylang and musk. I’m intrigued.

But Archetypes is about a lot more than selling fragrance… It’s an online community that allows you to tailor your beauty, fashion and overall lifestyle experience to your unique archetypes. (For example, the Tastemaker page serves up content like “Top 15 Jeans Fashion Trends,” beauty advice from Cindy Crawford and how to tightline your eyes.”

I’ve always believed that your signature scent is a reflection of your personality, and Archetypes takes this to another level. And best of all, you can tailor your fragrance to your mood or primary goals for the day. Trust me, give it a try!

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