A great way to have fun with your fragrance

I know I’m not the only one who chooses perfume based on my mood. I pretty much have the spectrum of emotions covered, but sometimes I find myself longing for a scent that I just don’t have. But with the arrival of Mixologie’s Blendable Perfume Collection last week, I don’t think I’ll find myself in this predicament again.


Here’s the deal… This adorable box (read: prime for gift-giving) comes with eight rollerball scents that are designed to be mixed and matched—or worn solo. The set comes with seven cocktail-inspired recipe cards if you need a little direction, and a swirl of this and a swirl of that yields a totally unique fragrance that let’s you express how you’re feeling at a given moment. I’ve been going “off-recipe” and combining them in interesting ways, all with great results. The only problem has been remembering which scents I mixed, so I had to start writing them down!

Just so you know what you get, here’s a list… And honestly, I was shocked that I loved each and every one of them.

Electric: Citrus twist
Serene: Light floral
Tenacious: Crips vanilla
Sultry: Wild musk
Free: Ocean mist
Assured: Natural (a powdery scent—one of my favorites!)
Inspired: Rose floral
Tender: Fruity

So get ready to unleash your inner parfumeur, and if you’ve tried the Mixologie kit, please let us know your favorite scent combinations!

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