A fun and easy way to create your own signature scent

It’s no secret that I have a thing for perfume, and my Olfactif subscription (and its three under-the-radar scent samples each month) might be one of the best things that’s ever happened to me fragrance-wise. As much as I love discovering perfumes I may not ever have the opportunity to sniff for myself, there’s something to be said for a bespoke fragrance made just for me. Under normal circumstances this can cost up to $1,000 or more—but not when you have The Blend by Fred Segal’s Custom Fragrance Blending Kit.

The concept is actually quite simple… This kit comes with 10 single-note rollerballs of pure fragrance oil, and you basically experiment with layering to create the scent of your dreams—and if you do the math, the possibilities are just about infinite. This deluxe set also comes with a carrying case and display stand that’s too pretty to tuck away and if you need a jumping-off point it includes “recipe” cards as well.

This set includes Water Lily, Woody Vetiver, Amber Vanilla, Forest Patchouli, Tropic Bloom, Clean Musk, White Tea, Exotic Rose, Ocean Air and Citrus Zest—and these are also available individually for $25 each if there’s a particular note you’re drawn to. 

Bottom line: This kit is like having unlimited fragrance options at your fingertips for a mere $150. And if you’re a perfumista like I am, you know how major that is!