Get skin clean while staying "green"

If you have a natural and organic skincare bent, you’re obviously have the environment on your mind. But have you ever stopped to think about your cotton balls or pads? It takes a lot of pesticide to keep the cotton industry going, and let’s not even try to imagine what a year’s worth of pads used for makeup removal would look like. What if we told you that you could minimize your footprint without sacrificing the skincare regimen you’ve gotten oh-so used to? Meet S.W. Basics’ Eco Cotton Rounds


Perfect for toner, makeup remover and even wiping away masks and cleanser, we’ve found these little circles of organic unbleached cotton actually work better than their disposable counterparts because of their slight texture. They come in a pack of eight so you’re covered even if you don’t do laundry that often, and the adorable little mesh bag means none of them get lost in the washing machine. Sure, you might be reluctant to spend $22 on cotton pads, but when you add up the cost of disposables over the course of a year, you’ll definitely come out ahead. The only caveat: Don’t use them to take off nail lacquer, because even the most skilled laundress is powerless against the polish!

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