Give your blowdryer a break

It’s freaking hot out there. Like step outside to get the mail and you need a shower upon getting back inside hot. Oh, and it’s humid, too. Like the air is so thick you can barely breathe humid. This can only mean one thing… My blowdryer is on vacation—because the last thing I need is more heat. But you’d never know by looking at my hair because I have Davines OI/All In One Milk.

As the name implies, this leave-in spray is a major multitasker. Most importantly, it keeps my frizz-prone hair soft and smooth even without blow-drying or flat-ironing. It’s also really lightweight, so it doesn’t make my hair fall flat or get super-greasy after a day or two. And when I actually do blow-dry my hair, this treatment/styling product helps my hair stay smooth and straight even longer. It also helps detangle (which is very important for my over-processed hair), serves as a heat protectant and, of course, nourishes my stressed strands between washing.

I might not ever blow-dry again, or at least not until the mercury dips below 90.

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