Are these brushes the secret to flawless foundation?

When your best friend—who also happens to be the editor of NewBeauty—tells you she’s obsessed with something, you listen. Just this happened last week and the subject of her musing was the Oval 10 brush by Artis. Ginormous by makeup brush standards, apparently this tool blends foundation like no other, for a seamless, airbrush-looking finish. Check it out…

Just that same day, I came across this, er, interesting option from Laura Geller. It too is monstrous, but unlike traditional makeup brushes, this paddle has features a fluff of lambswool instead of bristles. Designed to buff blush, powder and foundation into the skin (or to apply blush or powder) I’d be more curious to see how this feels than how it works. Crazy, right?

I’ve come to find that giving my makeup a once-over with some sort of blending tool (whether a sponge or a brush) really goes a long way for getting the best result—and it’s the perfect finishing touch that helps ensure there’s no evidence of where your makeup ends and your skin begins.

So tell me… What are your blending tricks?

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