The foundation brush to try (and buy) right now

I’m not a huge foundation person, simply because of my lifestyle. I spend most of my day in my home office with my dog, and she doesn’t really care whether my skin looks flawless or not (and I don’t really care what the parents at school pick-up think about my complexion). But when I do bust out the “base,” I am all about Cover FX Cover Click Concealer + Foundation. (Read more about it here.) I bought my first one earlier this summer, and actually just bought the shade lighter in anticipation for fall. Yes, a BeautyBlender works well with this more-coverage-than-I’m-used-to foundation, but I found something that makes the process a whole lot faster thanks to more surface area: Sephora Collection’s Pro Airbrush Perfector #51.

This brush makes blending a breeze, and requires little to no precision and barely any effort. The directions on say, “Place product on one side of the brush. Blend in one direction for fuller coverage. Use the clean side to buff off any excess product or sheer out coverage.”—but I basically ignore those and still get a great result. (Perhaps I’ll try to follow the instructions with my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder one day—but I prefer using a BeautyBlender with liquid foundations.) The shape also makes it ideal for blending color beneath my jawline, in turn minimizing the risk of a tell-tale line.

This brush can handle a lot more than blending foundation, but I haven’t tried it with blush, bronzer or highlighter just yet. (Note to self for after the next time I wash my brushes.) Truth be told, I originally bought this to quell my desire to buy the $80 Artis Oval 8 and it has totally exceeded my expectations. I won’t apply my Cover FX without it! (And it comes in a cute case that protects the brush when you want to toss it in your makeup bag and go.)

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