(Part of) my NYC makeup haul

I have a rule when I travel: I only buy things that I can’t get my hands on at home. Although Charlotte Tilbury doesn’t technically fall into that category, it’s been more than two years since I was in London and had the opportunity to touch and feel the products before buying them (rather than order blindly online). So naturally a trip to Bergdorf Goodman was in order, and of course I went armed with a list.

It’s virtually impossible to buy foundation online, although Charlotte Tilbury offers a sample program that actually makes it easy to find your shade remotely. I self-matched myself as a Shade 7 of the Light Wonder, but I’ve held out for this long so I could be 100% sure. With more coverage and buildability than a tinted moisturizer yet less of a makeup feel than other foundations I’ve tried, I was instantly smitten with the “real skin” look—so naturally it went in the “yes” pile.

For someone who works from home, you’d think I was out and about every day if you took a look at my extensive eye makeup collection. But even with countless colors and textures to choose from, I usually wear one at a time rather than blending and shading. I’ve been scoping out the Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows online for a while, so naturally I had to check them out, too. After much deliberation, I decided on the bronzy “Marie Antoinette” and the lighter-than-air texture, buildable color and easy to blend (with fingers!) whipped mousse-like cream was a dream, so that was obviously a “yes” as well.

My last purchase is one I have debated since first meeting “Charlotte” across the pond two years ago. As a big “bronzer” girl I’ve always been intrigued by the Filmstar Bronze & Glow but my contour-reluctance has always held me back. Well, after seeing the subtle yet so-easy-to-achieve results from the bronzer and highlighter that are housed in one compact, I pulled the trigger. Actually, I bought the set that includes the Powder & Sculpt Brush since it’s designed for more precise powder placement (and more effortless application).

I’ll also admit these weren’t my only Big Apple beauty buys, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear about the others! Happy Thanksgiving!

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