Go brushless with Nudestix

Although I have a tendency to overpack when I travel, one item was noticeably absent when I went to Jamaica last week—and that item was makeup brushes. I’ve been playing favorites after receiving a care package from Nudestix a few weeks ago, and I can’t get enough of these face, eye, cheek and lip pencils. They make it so easy to create a polished yet not-too-made-up look thanks to super-blendable colors that multitask more than any other makeup I’ve ever tried.

Case in point: The Bronzing Pencil. At first, I wasn’t sure how this two-sided pencil could possibly deliver the golden glow of a powder-based bronzer and big fluffy brush—but I was so wrong. I followed the enclosed instructions and applied the matte shade along my cheekbones, hairline, temples, forehead, nose and chin, blending the creamy color with my fingers. Then I added the shimmery gold side to the high points of my face (i.e. bridge of my nose, forehead, cupid’s bow, upper cheekbones and under the brow bones) and I couldn’t believe how natural the effect was. And guess what? I had contoured without even knowing it. This pencil was great for my vacation because the sparkly side worked double-duty as eye color as well.

I also received two of the Magnetic Eye Color pencils, and these two have become my morning go-to. The shimmery neutral shades last and last, no matter how humid it is outside. And like I said before, the fact that my fingers are the only tools needed makes doing my makeup so, so easy. I’ve been using the gold “Gilt” shade all over my lids and above the crease, and adding the coppery “Immortal” along the lashline for a little extra depth. Next time I have evening plans, I fully plan to use this all over my lids for an easy-peasy smoky eye.

Last, but certainly not least, the Lip + Cheek Pencil Dual is insane. I have the “Whisper/Mystic” shade and it’s beyond perfect for a natural-looking flush and not-quite-nude lips. Considering it’s a cheek color, lip liner and lip color in one, we’re talking serious bang for your buck.

Aside from being convenient and idiot-proof pencils, Nudestix packages their products in these adorable black tins and even includes a sharpener for each one. And just when I thought I couldn’t ask for anything more, after a few days I realized that there’s a mirror inside each one. So genius, because now I have a great carrying case for touch-ups on the go.

And one last highlight of the line is the Clean-Up Pencil… In the event that you make a mistake with any of your makeup (Nudestix or not) this clear pencil erases boo-boos instantly without messing up the rest of your makeup.

Once you try Nudestix, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The only downside is that my makeup brushes are starting to feel neglected.

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