Got Milk (Makeup)?

Every time you open a magazine, you see images of celebrities and models… Sometimes those photos are taken “on location,” but it most cases they are staged in a studio—and odds are they were shot at Milk’s studio in New York City or Los Angeles. It would be hard to say just how many pros have passed through those doors, but we can say that it’s been enough to provide inspiration for a brand-new line of cosmetics, aptly called Milk Makeup

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill products… Think next-generation offerings like high-shine Eye Vinyl in nude and black (!), the super-pigmented long-wear Eye Pigment cream shadow and just about every formulation of lip product you could want or imagine (Oil Lip Stain, Lip Marker, Lip Pigment and Balm Tint SPF 30).

Other standouts include the Coverage Duo, which features rollerball liquid foundation and detachable cream concealer in an itsy-bitsy super-portable package. I’m also into the Hydrating Oil in an amazingly versatile stick. Use it as a moisturizer on the go, a glossy highlighter, or even as a spot treatment for dry spots from head to toe. And I’ll surely be stocking up on the Cooling Stick in time for summer. Packed with soothing seawater, firming caffeine and a slew of hydrating ingredients, this refreshing gel-in-a-stick is perfect for de-puffing eyes and can also be used as a primer before makeup.

Sure you can check out this incredible new brand online, but if you want to get your mitts on it ASAP, high tail it over to your closest Sephora. Happy shopping!

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