A haircare line developed by 10,000 professional stylists

Who knows hair better than the pros? No one. So how great would it be to use products developed with input from 10,000 stylists to get the perfect formulas, scents, packaging and, of course, results? That’s exactly what you get from Cibu, and the best part is you can find this line just about everywhere—specifically at Salon Cielo and Bubbles locations nationwide.

Cibu’s offerings are so expansive, there’s something that meets every hair need, from washing and conditioning to styling and treating. I’ve had a chance to try some of the current standouts, and let’s just say I haven’t been disappointed…

Finista Flexible Finishing Spray
Everyone (and I mean everyone) needs a flexible hold hairspray in their hair product arsenal. I really like this one because there’s absolutely no crunchiness, it stands up to humidity and it contains argan and coconut oils to add shine. Pro tip: Spray on each section of hair immediately before straightening or curling with an iron for heat protection and extra style staying power. 

FrizzFix Straightening Balm + Keratin
Initially I was told this product wouldn’t be the best choice for my relatively-straight hair since it’s formulated to smooth curlier, coarser strands—but this kind of made me want to try it more. And I’m glad I did because it make my overprocessed platinum ‘do super silky, soft and shiny. That’s because it’s packed with keratin and silk protein that helps strengthen strands while protecting them from heat. Don’t straighten your hair without it!

Cibu Ancient Serum Lightweight Argan Oil Treatment
I love a hair oil (especially for giving myself a deep treatment). Used before styling, this product contains organ oil with a touch of silicone for heat protection, moisture, smoothing and major shine—and it really offers a lot of bang for your buck since it can be used on dry skin, cuticles, and even to remove eye makeup.

Knot So Knotty Anti-Breakage Detangler
I need all the breakage prevention I can get, so I’ve been using this spray just about every time I blow-dry my hair. Its botanical ingredients (i.e. bamboo, lotus flower, water lily and rhatany root extract) strengthen, revitalize and protect strands while making it super-easy to comb or brush wet hair without pulling. Pro tip: If you’ve gone one day too far before washing—and you have the product buildup to prove it—spray this on before you step into the shower to make washing easier.

Thanks to these new additions to my routine, it’s been smooth sailing (at least in the hair department)… Which one do you need most?

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